Apartment complex "PERUN" is a complex unique in its nature of closed type in the town of Blagoevgrad. It is allocated at 10 minutes distance from the town centre, and at 60 kilometers distance from Bansko, in close proximity to the new Gondola - town of Blagoevgrad. It is situated at the foot of Rila Mountain, and the complex offers a great view to the river of Bistritza and pine wood. In close proximity there are situated Aquapark, Tennis courts, baseball playground and "Alley of health".

Apartment complex "PERUN" consists of four main buildings - Alpha, Beta, Omega and Helios 1.

Apartment complex "PERUN" disposes with 38 apartments, with controlled access to the housing buildings executed via security guard and personnel for the maintenance of the green areas in the complex.

The unique architecture presents individual look. The four buildings are with spacious apartments as the utilized construction materials are of the highest class. The number of apartments is limited and the execution of all types of work is luxurious.

Apartments are of different areas, from 32 square meters to 145 square meters. They have separate kitchenette, living-room, bedroom, children room, sanitary rooms, cellars and enough number of parking lots.